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High Point Info


2014 High Point Results

Section A Mare

CH SRW Spree’s Silver Firefly

Res Severn FestiveSpree

3rd Gasligh Seren Arian


Section A Stallion

CH Gaslight Armani

Res SRW Spree’s Dandy Dancer

3rd Ceulan Cappuccino


Section A Gelding

CH Asgard High Flyer

Res Quail Hollow Conor

3rd (tie) Quail Hollow Cormac/SRF Superstars Last Impression


Section B Mare

CH Farmore Adorable

Res (tie) Goldhills Bond Street Boutique/Midnight Sugar and Spice/Sterling Creek Sparkle


Section B Stallion

CH Holyoake Copper-Field

Res Farmore Crowing Moment

3rd Farmore Royal Tywyn


Section B Gelding

CH (tie) Farmore Rumor Has It/Posh Optimistic Outlook

3rd Smoke Tree Chances R


Section C Mare

CH Gaslight Amaterasu

Res Gaslight Amber


Section C Stallion

CH Davidson’s Magic Charm


Section D Stallion

CH Goldhills Ghirardelli Dark

Section D Gelding

CH Cairngan Tym

Res Goldhills Gingerbread Man


Half-Welsh Halter

CH Posh Golden Opportunity

RES Sterling Creek Taboo

3rd Farmore Better Than Blue

Junior Welsh Handler

CH Riley Hayes

Res Erin Vigil

3rd Samantha Verkuyl


Walk-Trot 11/under (pony/rider combination)

CH Quail Hollow Cormac – Haley Maurer

Res Cairngan Tym – Louisa Varni

3rd Goldhills Mystique – Samantha Verkuyl


Short Stirrup (pony/rider combination)

CH Clanfair Fresco – Riley Hayes


English Pleasure – 17/under

CH Farmore Royal Heiress

Res Ms. Royal Giavanna

3rd Sterling Creek Liberty


Hunter – 17/under

CH Farmore Royal Heiress

Res Ms. Royal Giavanna


Trail – 17/under

CH Farmore Royal Heiress

Res RB Copper Hills Excalibur


Western Pleasure – 17/under

CH Farmore Royal Heiress

Res Ms. Royal Giavanna

English Pleasure – 18/over

CH Lazy J Bailefs Cowboy

Res Farmore Adorable

3rd (tie) Heather Hill Eleri/Posh Golden Opportunity


Hunter 18/over

CH RB Copper Hills Excalibur

Res Farmore Adorable

3rd Whills Hot an Flirtatious


Trail 18/over

CH Lazy J Bailefs Cowboy

Res Farmore Adorable

3rd Midnight Sugar and Spice


Western Pleasure 18/over

CH RB Copper Hills Excalibur

Res Lazy J Bailefs Cowboy

3rd Midnight Sugar and Spice


Carriage Driving

CH Silvandra’s Lady Hawk

Res Asgard High Flyer

3rd Quail Hollow Cormac


Pleasure Driving

CH (tie) Posh Optimistic Outlook/Silvandra’s Lady Hawk

3rd Severn Festive Spree



2013 High Point
Halter Overview
Performance Overview


2012 High Point
Halter - Overview
Performance - Overview
Performance - Perpetual Trophies
WPCAC Performance - Junior, Adult, Driving

2011 High Point Results

2009 High Point Results

If you have questions about the results, please consult the Details link for each category. If you have further questions or corrections, please e-mail Alissa.


Section A
Geldings (Details)
Mares (Details)
Stallions (Details)
Section B
Geldings (Details)
Mares (Details)
Stallions (Details)
Section C
Geldings (Details)
Mares (Details)
Stallions (Details)
Section D
Geldings (Details)
Mares (Details)
Stallions (Details)
Half Welsh
Overview (Details)



English Pleasure (Details)
Western Pleasure (Details)
Hunters (Details)
Trail (Details)
Carriage Driving (Details)
Pleasure Driving (Details)



English Pleasure (Details)
Western Pleasure (Details)
Hunters (Details)
Trail (Details)
Short Stirrup (Details)
Showmanship (Details)
Walk-Trot (Details)


2008 High Point Results

A pony or cob must have to have 10 points or 3 shows to qualify for an award. Top 5 are listed. 
Questions go to Alissa Kirtlan. issalee18@aol.com

Breeding Class Results

Section A Mares

1.  Severn Festive Spree 94
2.  Gaslight Chwyrlwynt 79
3.  SRW Poppin’s Silver Steps 77
4.  SRW Spree’s Silver Splendor 39
5.  Gaslight Siocled Kiss
     Pinedale Mountain Buttercuprcup

Section B Mares

1.  Goldhills Mystique 111
2.  Goldhills Makebelieve Princess 69
3.   Goldhills All That Glitters 63
4.  Goldhills Broadway Lights 46
5.  Farmore Royal Secret
Rhoson Bon Bon

Section C Mares

1.  Gaslight Amber    42
2.  Lascaux Soprano 25
3.   Talywern Legally Blond 19
4.  *Synod Aurora 16

Section D Mares

1.  Goldhills Hot Mocha 124
2.  Goldhills High Tea 65
3.  Goldhills Baklava 35
4.  Larken Daelyn 23
5.  Goldhills Hot Number 22

Section A Stallions

1.  Wharley Magic Flute 50
2.  SRW Silver Yankee Doodle Dandy 42
3.  Gaslight Shamrock 32
4.  Evans Electric Wizard 30
5.  Glenhaven Sweet Manyara 25

Section B Stallions

1.  Goldhills Most Wanted 63
2.  Dry Creek Master Vandal 51
3.  Goldhills Maverick 42
4.  Farmore State of the Art 35
5.  Clanfair Autograph 31

Section D Stallions

1.  Goldhills Genesis 39

Section A Geldings

1.  SRW Silver Celebration 63
2.  Larken Promise Kept 57
3.  Quail Hollow Cormac 54
4.  EOS Menehune 10
5.  Pinedale Vintage Ninty-Three 8

Section B Geldings

1.  Farmore Royal Heir 128
2.  Posh Magic Carpet Ride 69
3.  Goldhills Musketeer 42
4.  Goldhills Double Dare 40
5.  Whimbrel Charter Cruise 37

Section D Geldings

1.  Goldhills Butter Rum 81
2.  Cairngan Tym 25
3.  Windridge Bedazzled 11
4.  Larken Diplomat 10
5.  Evans Monte Carlo
Larken Aldrydd

Half Welsh

1.  Farmore Fifth Avenue 72
2.  Designer Fame and Glory 28
3.  Whimbrel Rhapsody in Bay 27
4.  Whimbrel Royal Aria 26
5.  Lois Lane 25

Performance Results

English Pleasure 18/over

1.  Gaslight Chwylwynt 129
2.  Goldhills All That Glitters 78
3.  Quail Hollow Cormac 46
4.  Goldhills Butter Rum 43
5.  Dry Creek Master Vandal 42

Hunters 18/over

1.  Goldhills Maveric 82
2.  Goldhills All That Glitters 75
3.  Quail Hollow Cormac 49
4.  Gaslight Chwyrlwynt 42
5.  Wharley Magic Flute 31

Western Pleasure 18/over

1.  Gaslight Chwylwynt 104
2.  Goldhills Maverick 64
3.  *Rhoson Bon Bon 59
4.  Lascaux Soprano 37
5.  Goldhills Butter Rum 35

Trail 18/over

1.  Gaslight Chwylwynt 28
2.  Goldhills Maverick 27
3.  Goldhills All That Glitters 13
4.  Dry Creek Master Vandal 4
5.  Quail Hollow Cormac 4

Carriage Driving

1.  Goldhills Mystique 100
2.  Gaslight Chwylwynt 87
3.  Dry Creek Master Vandal 56
4.  Goldhills Butter Rum 55
5.  Goldhills Most Wanted 52

Pleasure Driving

1.  Goldhills Mystique 102
2.  Gaslight Chwylwynt 94
3.  Goldhills Most Wanted 66
4.  Dry Creek Master Vandal 49
5.  Goldhills Butter Rum 47

Showmanship 17/under

1.  Sarah Frushour 26
2.  Alyssa Lopez 10
3.  Sydney MacWhorter 5
4.  Jazmyn Jones 2
5.  Tanner Knuckles 2

Trail 17/under

1.  Gaslight Chwylwynt 34
2.  Larken Promise Kept 18
3.  Jaycobs Easter Princess 3
4.  Farmore Magical 3
5.  Gaslight London Fog 3

Hunters 17/under

1.  Larken Promise Kept 63
2.  Posh Magic Carpet Ride 44
3.  Brookside Lucullus 27
4.  Gaslight Chwylwynt 11
5.  Whimbrel Charter Cruise 5

English Pleasure 17/under

1.  Larken Promise Kept 108
2.  Pinedale Mountain Buttercup 75
3.  Posh Magic Carpet Ride 74
4.  Brookside Lucullus 36
5.  Goldhills High Tea 16

Western Pleasure 17/under

1.  Pinedale Mountain Buttercup 39
2.  Larken Promise Kept 36


2007 High Point Results
Click here to view

2006 High Point Results
Remember, to qualifyfor a year end award, the owner must have a farm membership or the owner and
rider must be WPCAC members. You must earn 10 points or attend a minimum of 3 shows.
Perpetual Trophy Winners

2005 High Point Standings
These are the final tabulated points.
Halter Results have been updated - Top 10 ponies/cobs are
listed - questions can be directed to Jackie.

2003 WPCAC High Point Winners

Section A Stallion
    Ch. Asgard Silver Dollar  18 
    Rs. *Menai Midnight Marvel     15 
Section A Mare
    Ch. *Wharley Silver Charm     26 
    Rs. SRW Silver Prize & Joy    23 
Section B Stallion
    Ch. *Telynai Royal Charter     49 
    Rs. *Wedderlie Mardi Gras     38 
Section B Mare
    Ch. *Telynau Ballerina        47
    Rs. Goldhills Mystique        33
Section C Stallion
    No Qualifiers
Section C Mare
    Ch. *Synod Aurora        12
    Rs. Balsume the Governess    8
Section D Stallion
    Ch. Nebo Calonog        28
    Rs. Glenhaven Welsh Duntroon    5
Section D Mare
    Ch. *Sydenham Gardenia    52
    Rs. *Parc Martha        23 (tie)
          Goldhills Hanky Panky 23 (tie)
Section A Gelding
    Ch. Pinedale Captain Courageous   21
    Rs. Greenvale's Robin of Locksley    7 (tie)
           Larken Promise Kept        7   (tie)
Section B Gelding
    Ch. Goldhills Silver Screen    35
    Rs. Windrose Coby    26
Section C/D Gelding
    Ch. Goldhills Butter Rum    13
    Rs. Cairngan Tym        6
Half Welsh
    Ch. Farmore Royal Ecstasy  66 
    Rs. Whinbrel's Rhapsody in Bay    27
Short Stirrup 11 & Under
    No Qualifiers
Walk-Trot 11 & Under
    Ch. Caroline Bronson     10
    Rs. Kristen Bronson    9 
Hunters 17 & Under
    Ch. Greenvale's Maid Marion    19
    No Reserve Qualifiers
Hunters 18 & Over
    Ch. *Telynau Royal Charter    31
    Rs. Iwana Miracle    16  (tie)
          Heather Hill Melys Fflur    16  (tie)
English Pleasure 17 & Under
    Ch. *Telynau Ballerina    42
    Rs. Pinedale Captain Courageous    33
English Pleasure 18 & Over
    Ch. *Telynau Royal Charter    55
    Rs. Windrose Coby    40
Pleasure Driving - Open
    Ch. *Sydenham Gardenia    43
    Rs. Balsuma the Governess    17
Carriage Driving - Open
    Ch. *Sydenham Gardenia    23
    Rs. Balsuma the Governess    19
Showmanship 17 & Under
    Ch. Sarah Frushour    17
    No Reserve Qualifiers
Western Pleasure 17 & Under
    Ch. *Telynau Ballerina    39
    Rs. Pinedale Captain Courageous    20
Western Pleasure 18 & Over
    Ch. Windrose Coby    41
    Rs. *Telynau Royal Charter    36
Trail - Open
    Ch. Windrose Coby    17
    Rs. *Telynau Royal Charter 13

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